CONELE is made up of two buildings: the new Conference and Exhibition Centre of León and the Palacín. This architectural structure is built on the site of the former Santa Elvira Sugar Factory in León, representing the evolution of a very industrial sector towards the modern and technological congress sector.

The Conference and Exhibition Centre of León has a surface area of almost 10,000 square metres and a car park for 400 vehicles. It has an exhibition space with a total usable area of almost 20,000 square metres divided into two floors. It is a multidisciplinary space conceived to be expanded for congresses or reduced for small events. It is also a sustainable space that limits the use of non-renewable energy consumption thanks to its photovoltaic roof.

The Palacín building has 1400 square metres of usable space and consists of a large open-plan room, with the offices in the central part and another 300 square metres of space with a cafeteria, toilets, changing rooms and storeroom.


Description of the spaces

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